My course allowed me to get to know people from all over the world, make new friends and converse with many Italians in their language.

Sandra (Switzerland)

I needed to master Italian in a short time. The additional private lessons were a great idea and an effective way to test myself and ask more detailed questions.

Charles (France)

I chose a long term semester course because I really wanted to learn the language perfectly. My goal was to attend a Master course at Milano University.

Veronica (Colombia)

The private classes allowed me to perfect my Italian and specifically prepare for the italian entrance exam for university. I feel very confident and secure as a result of the individual help I received from the private lessons.

Emma (Australia)

As I need Italian in my job, I chose the Intensive PLUS-10 course. My reason for attending private lessons was to enable me to better communicate as quickly as possible.

Tsuyoshi (Japan)

At first I enrolled in the Standard Course for only three weeks, but then I liked the school so much that I repeatedly extended my stay. In the end the three weeks became three months. I especially enjoyed the excursions and afternoon lessons, all in Italian, that enable students to practice the language.

Kena (Germany)

My stay in Siena was an experience that enabled me to grow. I found the city safe and welcoming and I deepened my knowledge of Italian in a class with other students from a variety of countries.

Patricia (Brasil)

I am very happy with my choice of this school and its program “La Dolce Vita.” Every morning during the week we took a language course, while afternoons were devoted to interesting activities on topics such as olive oil, wine and Sienese cuisine. I can recommend this school with pleasure!

Teresa (Mexico-Germany)

After having seen Siena featured in the last James Bond movie, I decided to study there. The atmosphere of the school is quite informal, the teachers are friendly and very helpful. I'm happy to have chosen la scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Siena.

Karla (Czech Republic)

It’s nice to talk to Italian pepole and understand them. That’s why I choose the Longterm course.

Annemiek (Netherlands)

I'm happy I came to Siena to study at the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci. I found my course on Tuscan Gastronomy quite informative. I would have liked to stay longer to learn more about this unique “modo di vivere.

Renata (Brasil)

My course allowed me to get to know people from all over the world, make new frends and converse with many Italians in their language.

John (Great Britain)

The dolce vita course reveals all secrets of the Italian culture, history, art, traditions, food, wine and of course the Italian Language. After discovering the Italian way of live you almost return like an Italian yourself.

Saskia (Netherlands)