Methodology and Levels

methodsThe Italian Leonardo da Vinci Schools have been offering Italian Language courses to foreigners for more than 20 years. Our experience in the field of teaching Italian as a second Language along with our continuing research into new theories and didactic techniques allows us to offer high quality courses to all types of students.

Our programs, based on comunication, provide study and development for all Language Abilities (speaking-listening-reading-writing) so that students develop a complete language experience.

The time dedicated to each language ability depends on the level of the course but all are covered and developed. Creating a ‘living’learning enviroment, our courses will bring students to a real Language Acquisition.

The lessons are held in Italiano and from the beginning students are given the tools necessary to participate in the lesson and to ask questions.


The school offers the six Levels indicated by the ELP (European Language Portfolio): these six levels are an interpretation of the classic division into basic, intermediate and advanced. Each level has a 4 weeks program. Basic User : A1 and A2 - Independent User: B1 and B2 - Proficient User: C1 and C2

Entry test

Our schools oversee a written and oral test at the beginning of the course so that students are gruoped with others of a very similar level and knowledge of Italian.

Texts and other didactic materials

Leonardo da Vinci schools publish their own series of books for each proficiency level. Our books have been used for many years and are continually updated. Apart from the text books each course in enriched with various materials and utillizes audio-visual aids.

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