Private Courses

Private courses are the best way to achieve a good knowledge of Italian in the shortest amount of time. In these courses, individually-designed lessons revolve around the student's areas of need and interest.

Recommended for: All students would would like to study Italian exclusively in a one-on-one situation or who would like to be in a small group with family members, friends or colleagues.

Note: all students who wish to attend a private course together should be at the same level of speaking ability.

To help determine the student's knowledge and level of Italian, there is a short on-line test that the student fills out before arrival. This will enable the school to create a personalized program that is based on the student's specific needs and areas of interest.

Course facts:
  Private Courses
Duration minimum 1 week - 3 lessons per day
1 lesson 45 minutes
Levels beginners - proficient
One-to-One 45 Euro / 1 lesson
Two-to-One 55 Euro / 1 lesson
Three-to-One 70 Euro / 1 lesson
Registration 70 Euro (valid 12 month)
Minimum age 16 years
The private classes allowed me to perfect my Italian and specifically prepare for the italian entrance exam for university. I feel very confident and secure as a result of the individual help I received from the private lessons.

Emma (Australia)

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