Examination Courses

professionalcoursesWhen learning a foreign language it can be quite satisfying to set personal goals and then gauge one's progresst by preparing for and passing an official examination.

The Exam Preparation Course is geared for students who would like to earn an internationally recognized certification that attests to their level of fluency in Italian.

The AIL Language Diploma: There are a variety of Language Diplomas that are offered in Italian language. One example is the AIL (“Accademia Italiana di lingua”) that is affiliated with the Italian Academy of Languages. The Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is a founding member of AIL, and an official testing center for the AIL diploma.

The preparation courses begin one month before the exam dates and consist of four lessons of grammar review and conversation plus 2 lessons of test-taking strategies and examination drills.

On request the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci can send its entrance test to students so that they may check their knowledge of the language and establish the time frame necessary to prepare for the different exams.

Other Language Diplomas: Our language schools organise preparation courses for the following language diplomas: CELI - Perugia, CILS - Siena,'Certificato in Italiano come L2' - Rome. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Course facts:
  Examination Courses
Starting dates > view dates
Duration 4 weeks
Lessons 120
1 lesson 45 minutes
Class size max 12 students
Levels elementary - proficient
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Registration fee 70 Euro (valid 12 month)
Minimum age 16 years

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