Super Intensive Courses

For a full immersion in the Italian language an intensive course is offered, in which group classes are combined with individual lessons. Private lessons provide students with an excellent opportunity to study specific elements of the Italian language at their own pace.

Students may wish to focus on grammar, conversation and/or reading skills, or they may want to revolve their studies around an area of personal or professional interest.

Recommended for: all students who wish to benefit from a group interaction as well as a personalized one-on-one instruction with a private teacher.

The Intensive Plus-5 Course consists of a group class every morning (Standard Course), followed by five private lessons a week.

The Intensive Plus-10 Course consists of a group class every morning (Standard Course) followed by ten private lessons a week.

Course facts:
 Super Intensive PLUS-5
Super Intensive PLUS-10
Starting datesEvery MondayEvery Monday
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Duration2 - 4 weeks2 - 4 weeks
Group lessons20 per week20 per week
Private lessons5 per week10 per week
1 lesson45 minutes45 minutes
Levelsbeginners to proficientbeginners to proficient
Class sizemax 12 studentsmax 12 students
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Registration fee70 Euro (valid 12 month)70 Euro (valid 12 month)
Minimum age16 years16 years
As I need Italian in my job, I chose the Super intensive PLUS-10 course. My reason for attending private lessons was to enable me to better communicate as quickly as possible.

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