Intensive Courses

The Intensive Course consists of 20 lessons a week. Classes are held from Monday through Friday in groups of no more than ten. Each class is conducted by a qualified, experienced teacher whose native language is Italian.

To ensure placement in the most appropriate class level, students with some knowledge of Italian take a short written and oral placement test on their first day at the Scuola.

Lessons cover grammar and vocabulary but also emphasize reading, speaking, writing and conversation. All students are encouraged to speak from their very first day.

To facilitate communication and create a better understanding of the Italian culture, a wide variety of topics and study materials is presented. These may range from films, songs, magazines and news articles, to selections from poetry, plays and literature.

Course facts:
 Intensive Course
Middle Length Intensive
Starting datesEvery MondayEvery Monday
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Duration2 - 4 weeks5 - 11 weeks
Lessons20 per week20 per week
1 lesson45 minutes45 minutes
Levelsbeginners - proficientbeginners - proficient
Class size
max 12 students
max 12 students
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Registration70 Euro (12 month)70 Euro (12 month)
Minimum age16 years16 years
At first I enrolled in the Intensive Course for only three weeks, but then I liked the school so much that I repeatedly extended my stay. In the end the three weeks became three months. I especially enjoyed the excursions and afternoon lessons, all in Italian, that enable students to practice the language.

Keena (Germany)

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