Linguistics & Film

Italian Cinema

De Sica, Visconti, Antonioni, and Fellini are but a few of the names of Italian directors whose films made a big impact on American and European cinema.
Right at school, you will have the opportunity to watch classic and modern Italian films. A teacher will be on hand to guide you through the movie and foster your understanding of the Italian language.

Voice and Phonetics

This popular activity will emphasize and reinforce your language experience through a combination of performance and instruction. Local Sienese actor and theatrical director Altero Borghi guides students through a series of vocal and pronunciation exercises. You will laugh as you learn!

Songs in Dialect

The rich and varied dialects of Italy are reflected In its traditional regional music. 
Rome, Naples, Genoa, Sardinia, the Maremma are all famous for their unique musical contributions. In this activity students will journey through the sounds of a culture that has been influenced by every corner of Europe and all areas of the Mediterranean.

The Origins of the Italian Language - Dante and the Divine Comedy

Usually held in two sessions, Part I of this seminar examines the social, political and cultural elements that led to the birth of the Italian language. In Part II we meet Dante Alighieri. A guided analysis of a short passage from the Divine Comedy highlights parallels between Dante’s antique language and the Italian that is spoken today.

The 18th Century and the Birth of the modern Novel

Italy’s liberation from foreign domination in the 18th century became the backdrop for Alessandro Manzoni’s great historic novel I Promessi Sposi. This seminar will focus on the social climate and historic environment that influenced Manzoni, while delving into the novel’s linguistic difficulties. Included will be a brief reading from the novel.

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