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Tuscan/Sienese Cooking Seminarattivita cucinavinietc

Have you ever tasted panforte or the amazing almond cookies called Ricciarelli? You might be surprised to find out how ancient these recipes are. What else did the Sienese eat hundreds of years ago? What ingredients were available and how was food preserved? Discover the typical tastes of the Sienese and Tuscan tables in this culinary journey back through time.

Dinner in a Tuscan House

This activity will take students to a beautiful Tuscan villa on the outskirts of Siena where they will enjoy a fantastic home-cooked meal. Traditional wines, cooking techniques, ingredients and recipes will be discussed and shared in this delightful country setting.

Olive Oil Tasting

Think all olive oils are equal? In this guided excursion and comparative tasting, you will discover the characteristics of one of the most basic and healthy ingredients in the Mediterranean diet. Included is a visit to a a local olive press, where you will learn how olives are grown, harvested, and transformed into “green gold” for your table.

Wine Tasting

An expert sommelier will introduce you to some of the best wines in Tuscany. Students will come to understand some of the history behind these special wines and the official designations that protect them. Through observation and taste you will learn to distinguish characteristics of the different wines, appreciate how each is made and understand the best foods to serve with each.

Cheese Tasting

Artisanal pecorino or sheep’s milk cheese is made by small, family-run farms and local producers for whom this activity is a true labor of love. Students will learn all about this special product In a charming restaurant right in Siena’s centro. Along with the cheese tasting, Tuscan bread will be served with a variety of marmalades and honeys. The pure tastes will astonish you!

Italian Cuisine: how to make Home-Made Pasta

In this mini-cooking course students learn how to prepare various types of fresh pasta, as they come to understand how ingredients are selected and blended for optimal results.
At the end of the lesson, students and chef will dine together.

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